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Start with Nexi•Basic and get 28 Television Channels and 45 Radio Channels for just $24.95/mth!

Then, pick and choose from 26 Theme Packages to create the Television experience that is perfect for you.

All Nexi•TV Packages include:

  • No Installation Cost
  • You can change your Channel selections every month or even turn it off if you are going to be away*
  • Nexicom’s Award Winning Customer Support and Service
  • Hundreds of Channels Available
  • More High Definition options
  • Stream live & on-demand with Watch TV Everywhere
Nexi•TV Channel Line-up Pricing
NexiBasic Digital with HD $24.95/month
45 radio stations are included
Nexi•TV Digital Receiver Rentals
HD High Definition Receiver $6.95/month* $179.95 to purchase
HDPVR High Definition Receiver w/ PVR (manual) $15.95/month* $399.95 to purchase

Consult our Channel Guide to help customize your channel lineup:

Channel Guide

What's on TV now?
Add Basic Theme Packs for $4.95 each. Choose from:
Nexi•Teens Nexi•Fun Nexi•Suspense Nexi•Home
Nexi•Tweens Nexi•Movies4 Nexi•Spiritual Nexi•Action
Nexi•WeeOnes Nexi•Movies5 Nexi•Outdoors Nexi•Travel
Nexi•Kids Nexi•NewsCdn Nexi•History Nexi•Music
Nexi•Sports1 Nexi•NewsUSA Nexi•Womens Nexi•Drama

Add Advanced Themes for $7.95 each. Choose from:
Nexi•Sports2 Nexi•Sports3 Nexi•Discover Nexi•Movies3
Add Premium Movies Packs for $16.95 each or 2 for $30.95. Choose from:
Nexi•Movies1 Nexi•Movies2
Specialty Channels
239 Sportsnet World
463 Raptors TV
466 Leafs TV
800 Telelatino
801 Fairchild
805 ATN
807 Odyssey


Services available to residential customers where service permits. Pricing subject to change without notice. Taxes extra.
*Minimum of 30 days required.
** Receiver prices are additional to channel charges. After 36 months of rental fees, receiver is owned by the customer.

If you want to change or add specialty channels or have a question regarding your cable television service, please call us today (705) 775-nexi (6394) or email